Thursday, 18 February 2010

Whiff of Joy challenge.

Oh what "fun" I had making this card. There seemed to be one mishap after another. First I decided to use one of my 3 Whiff of Joy stamps. On inking it up, I somehow managed to drop the stamp pad - yes you guessed it upside down on my clothes - duh. I then decided to use some paints that I had been given. I don't know the name of them but they are a little like the H20's. Well on painting my image, the image started to disappear!!! I then had to redraw the image over the top of the paints before all the lines completely went.

Next - the challenge is to use pearls and swirls - I don't have any pearls. On looking at other blogs they have made their own pearl swirls and I thought I'd join the club, but...... I don't have any pearls only pearl beads .......... yes I cut all the beads in half. Well I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - the beads were pinging and popping everywhere. I nearly decided not to continue but perseverance got the better of me. Now after cutting all my beads in half (very precariously with my craft knife) - what do I use to glue them on - my glue pen didn't work, so out came the silicon. A little squeeze too much and it got all over my hands, the tweezers kept getting stuck up with the silicon, the paper was getting too gloopy. I felt like I did at primary school and needed someone to clean me up!

Anyway after another big debate on the flowers and thinking I need to purchase some larger ones I put together a little ensemble. So here it is..

Ta da ........ what do you think - honestly .......

Well that's enough of the waffling for now - husband just rolls his eyes at me, but I know that you kind soles can relate to this on some level!

Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah, uuuttyui is morse code for very nice work he he, I was testing my windows live on my new stretch page to see if it works and the damn thing wouldn't let me get rid of it he he,Gosh Sarah your card is gorgeous, but you could have cut your fingers off,please buy some next time,your image looks lovely, you would never know the trouble you've had and I like your BP,love the misted bp the behind the image too and the swirls look perfect, there honest enough!!hugs Liz xx

  2. Hi Sarah,sometime,s its horable to scrap...
    I know that feeling,but your card turn out gorgeous.
    Hugs Heidy

  3. Well i think you did a great job as this turned out Fab! thanks for joining WOJ this week


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